Voluntary & Flexible Benefits

Creating greater choice and flexibility for staff


A flexible benefits package can help create something that provides appropriate choice to a diverse range of employees. This is achieved by building a scheme with a comprehensive range of options, allowing members to build a package that suits them individually.

Employees are given access to a simple online platform to view and manage their benefits package at any given time.

We will work with you to communicate benefits with employees, leading to increased engagement and improved motivation and loyalty.

From the broad range of benefits available we’ll help you select those most appropriate for your business.


  • A flexible benefits scheme provides a ‘Benefit Allowance’ or ‘Flex Pot’, which is ordinarily a fixed percentage of salary in excess of base pay for an employee to ‘spend’ or ‘flex up’ from a menu of benefits.

  • The employee can decide whether to sell company-funded benefits, as well as ‘buy’ benefits using their own salary.


  • A voluntary scheme is often attached to existing core benefits such as group life assurance or private medical insurance.

  • It allows the employee to ‘flex up’ their individual cover or include spouse or family via payroll at their own cost.

  • Often priced at group level these increases in benefit can represent excellent value for money against the open market available to an individual and can even be underwriting free.


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