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When you join our community of contractors you gain access to a suite of services covering all aspects of your world; from financial advice to online doctor’s services. Our range of contractor-friendly services have been designed to offer the benefits that you need. Whether you need an Pay Advance, a Pension Review, or access to our top-notch discounted Physiotherapy Network, our contractors community brings you unparalleled access to improved financial and physical wellness - across all areas of your life.

When you join the Networker community you gain access to a wide range of financial services, all tailored to benefit you as a Contractor.

Whether you require a Pay Advance, a Pension Review, Insurance or access to our top-notch mortgages, Networker Financial Services brings you unparalleled access to improved financial wellness.

“What I really wanted was a platform to organise my lifestyle a bit more. Through Networker I’ve had offers for pension advice and a range of other financial services. I put a lot of money into various things and pay a lot of money out, so it’s good to have Networker to call upon for advice. I’m still getting used to it, but it suits me perfectly”

Mark Williams

We have listened to what Employers and Contractors want and in return created a concierge of health and well-being services, tailored to today’s marketplace.

Through our network of expert doctors and physiotherapists, Networker focuses on providing digital health solutions that will take care of those aches and pains while you focus on what you do best.

"As a Contractor travelling nationally and internationally, it is a real comfort to know that through my membership, I am able to gain immediate access to a wide range of health and well-being services. I particularly like the fact that I can quickly secure on-line appointments with a qualified GP and even locate Physiotherapy clinics, no matter where my Contract takes me geographically."

Sarah Hartley

Additional Services designed to make your work-life easier

Pay Advance

You no longer need to wait to get paid. With our Pay Advance service you can get paid as soon as you finish work.

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IR35 Solution

You can benefit from a professional IR35 solution with one of our partners to find out where you stand.

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Networker Rewards

Your exclusive membership gives you amazing cashbacks and promotions when you shop with hundreds of major high-street and online retailers.

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Networker Pay Umbrella

A simple, honest and fully compliant FCSA Approved solution. We are proud to provide a service that has 20 years’ worth of HMRC compliance.

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